Located in a 17th century mansion, this apartment on the Ile de la Cité was completely remodelled in the 19th century in a somewhat "bourgeois" style: small cloisonné rooms, dark corridors, false ceilings...

We decided to totally reinterpret the space by modifying access to the flat. The kitchen (accessible by a second, more glamourous staircase) was converted into an entrance, and the living room doubled in size by combining an adjoining room.

We removed the false ceilings, cleared the beautiful 17th century beams, installed an old monumental stone fireplace and old Versailles parquet floors. 18th century stone floors were laid in the entrance and kitchen, a 17th century marble wall fountain in the guest restroom and Gothic railings were installed in the entrance hall.

The entire flat was completely upgraded: impressive 17th century masters paintings, antique furniture and fabrics, subtly in line with the collector's mind-set of the owners.

By restoring consistency between the exterior and interior, we created the perfect illusion of French Grand Siècle, hailed by critics.


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